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This is a book for all lovers of London to read.

Peter Ackroyd on The Worst Street In London.

The Worst Street In London has everything from intrigue to murder.

Beverley Knight, singer.


Reader, Brian Simmons, on London's Labyrinth.

Through her painstaking investigation, Fiona Rule shows us one by one the skeletons hidden in Notting Hill's darkest cupboards. Its all a fascinating story because, as Rule memorably reveals, Notting Hill is that intriguing urban puzzle - a glitzy district with "a past".

Professor Jerry White on Streets Of Sin

Fiona Rule has a great talent for snuffling out the history of London's darker side.

The Bookseller.

Thank you for preparing the absolutely marvellous is exactly what we hoped for and will make a wonderful gift for our friends.

A House Histories customer.


Fiona Rule is a writer, researcher and historian.

She is the author of five books:-


The Worst Street In London (2008)


London's Docklands (2009)

London's Labyrinth (2011)

Streets Of Sin (2015)

The Oldest House In London (publish date 9 November 2017)

A regular contributor to television and radio programmes, Fiona also has her own company, House Histories, which specialises in researching the history of people's homes. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Local History from the University of Oxford.

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Agent: Sheila Ableman, 36 Duncan House, 7-9 Fellows Road, London NW3 3LZ. Telephone: 020 7586 2339.

Publisher: The History Press, The Mill, Brimscombe Port, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 2QG. Telephone: 01453 883 300

Contact Fiona direct on: 020 8959 7610.

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